A Responsible Model

tracteur récolte pomme verger

An association model

2,800 growers, 12 nurseries and 14 authorized distributors in 3 different countries work every day towards the common goal of sharing experiences and progress in growing practices. Together, they decide on strategy, budget and terms of sale.

A Fair Model

Our producers, veritable craftsmen and women of a quality product, are justly rewarded for their work.

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A Collective Model

All of the players in the industry comply with the rules and best practices determined collectively in order to ensure the highest possible quality.

A Supportive Model

Pink Lady® encourages the young generation. Indeed, when taking on new apple growers, priority is given to young farmers who wish to get set up. This humane adventure is a long-term endeavor through sharing and transfer of knowledge between growers for taking the profession forward, strengthening skills, improving techniques and more.