Managing the spring blossom is key to a successful harvest in autumn.

The flower’s life span ranges from 2 to 10 days, hence the pollination period is very short.

Thanks to their partnering with beekeepers, growersintroduce bees to a blossoming orchard. They canhence obtain a natural pollination process and successfully transform the flower to fruit.

Did you know?

Though it is quite rare, apple tree honey can be recognized by its lovely pale golden color and delicate flavor. Used abundantly in “spring honeys“, it is very subtle, with particularly fine crystallization.

Selecting flowers

The grower then selects the apple tree blossoms with the best exposure to sunlight in order not to overburden the tree and obtain fruits with the right size and color. Using this technique, called “blossom thinning” the flowers are removed from the trunk of the tree and underneath the branches to keep only those with the best exposure.

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