Pink Lady® quality control

Pink Lady® apples are so sizeable and unique because they are the result of farming excellence and meticulous selection: they must meet a number of specifications.

Demanding Pink Lady® Specifications

Once picked, the apples are shipped to one of our certified packing houses where they are carefully stored in a dedicated cold storage room with ultra-precise temperature control before undergoiong inspection.

For ensuring consistently high quality, all themeasurable criteria aredefinedin specifications shared by the actors of the Pink Lady® product line and assessed by an independent organization.

  • Sugar content: the source of flavor intensity
  • Firmness: for a crunchy texture
  • Intense Color: proof of maximum exposure to sunlight
  • Appearance: no significant defects or flaws

These criteria are checked by an independent inspection body (Bureau Veritas), which ensures the specifications have been met and the apples are traceable and of consistent quality. Every season, more than 1,500 batches of apples are tested at random.

The procedure is the same at every inspection throughout Europe. Every apple is studied with the utmost attention. An inspection lasts approximately 2 hours. It is based solely on objective criteria and thus cannot be subject to interpretation.

Did you know?

Only 65 to 70% of the apples meet Pink Lady® specifications. It is evident that the others are sold asfresh produce or to food processing industry. Nothing is lost!

The Various Selection Phases

Once picked, Pink Lady® apples are taken to packaging houses. Here, they are carefully stored in a dedicated cold storage room with ultra-precise temperature control.

They are then run through a large scanner that sorts them by weight and size (a legal obligation) and detects any apples with major flaws. The apples are then left to the expert hands and watchful eyes of our specialists, who select and carefully place them in trays or packs that you can later find in stores. This is where the famous heart sticker – a guarantee of quality – is placed on the apples.

Did you know?

To ensure the fruits are of the best possible quality, the sorting lines are slowed down by 20 to 30% compared to other varieties

Total Food Safety

The Pink Lady® Europe Association ensures control of the highest possible quality. The entire crop of Pink Lady® apples meets food safety criteria twice as strict as those imposed by European regulations.

  • Independent checking of regulatory health and safety criteria once apples leave the orchard and at packing houses
  • Test resultsare far below the requirements imposed by French and European regulations.
  • 100% of the packing houses are certified.

Pink Lady® also ensures exemplary traceability of its apples for purposes of identifying the grower and packing house for each crate or pack.