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Pommier en train de murir

7 months on the tree

The Pink Lady® apple needs 7 months on the tree, from April to early November, to ripen and develop its full range of aroma. This is the apple variety with the longest ripening period on the tree, before bursting with flavor.

Painstaking Manual Labor

Growers take meticulous care of their apple trees manually throughout the entire year.

  • In Winter

    they prune branches to evenly distribute the fruit.

  • In Spring

    they select the flowers that are best exposed to sunshine.

  • At Summer’s End

    they thin out the foliage so the sun can better reach the fruits.

  • In Autumn

    the apples are harvested over a period of 3 to 5 weeks.

A Harvest in 3 Waves

The apples are picked by hand in 3 waves so that only fully ripe fruits are picked. All of our apple pickers are trained in a “traditional” picking technique that involves gently taking the apple in the palm of the hand and rolling it upwards before removing it carefully, without damaging it.

Reduced Packing Output

During the packing process, on the sorting lines, speed is reduced by up to 30% compared to other apple varieties in order to carefully inspect each and every apple and thus ensure the highest possible quality.