Using Every Apple

A 0% Waste Goal.

Pink Lady®, PinKids and Miss Chef apples

The Pink Lady® apple is the fruit of a demanding selection process: it must meet a number of requirements. Apples sold under the Pink Lady® brand represent 65 to 70% of overall production on average.

The smallest apples, perfectly adapted to the little hands and mouths of children, are sold under the brand PinKids®.The rest are sold for cooking purposes, under the brand Miss Chef®.

Apples for the Food Processing Industry

Apples for industry

Apples that do not meet the various specifications are used in the food processing industry for high-quality products such as juice, apple sauce and more.

Damaged apples

Apples deemed unfit for human consumption are used for animal feed, compost or fertilizer.

Zero waste, according to Rémy

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