Origins & growing regions


The Pink Lady® apple is the fruit of a delicious idea: natural crossbreeding* of two varieties, the Golden Delicious and Lady Williams,conducted by John Cripps, aninspired Australian in 1973.

*a practice used by mankind since the beginnings of agriculture


To reveal all of its flavor, crunch and juices, the Pink Lady® apple requires exceptional conditions. It thrives in specific areas that combine correct soil quality and excellent exposure to sunlight.


Quality Soils in Europe

The Pink Lady® grows only in specific regions that combine correctsoil quality (soils not over-croppedor prone to flooding) and good exposure to sunlight.

  • in France: in the southeast, southwest and the Loire Valley
  • in Spain: in Catalonia
  • in Italy: in Emilia Romagna and southern Tyrol

Preserving the Soil

The delicious taste of the Pink Lady® apple is closely linked to the nutrition and proper development of the apple tree.

Loving the land they farm, ourgrowers protect and maintain thequality of their apple-growingregions as they would a preciousheritage.

The nutrient balance of the soil is thus maintained as much as possible (testing, sensors, limited fertilization, etc.) with controlled water consumption for avoiding erosion and leaching of the soil (via drip-watering of trees to meet their real needs, protection of natural water resources in each orchard, etc.).

Well-maintained Countrysides

Located in traditional farming regions, Pink Lady® orchards are regularly maintained and renewed.

Continuously more in number andsmall in scale, they help maintain orchard farming and save the rural heritage and local countrysides against the growing pressures of urban expansion.