The Pink Lady® Europe association

Pink Lady®, a fabulous human adventure!

Bound by their shared convictions, passionate, visionary men and women have been partners in a joint project that has brought the various players in the industry together for the past 20 years.

Three Shared Objectives:

  • Fair economic rewards for every player in Pink Lady® apple growing thanks to contracts signed between growers and authorized distributors as soon as the trees are planted
  • Pooling of know-how and techniques as part of a continuous improvement process.
  • Excellent quality control thanks to shared rules and clear vision of the entire production chain.

A Collective Body with Strong Values

Nurseries, growers and authorized distributors: all of the players in the industry come together within this association that shares the collective aim of reconciling economic sustainability, social progress, environmental protection and farming excellence. They are French, Spanish and Italian.


They produce trees through natural selection and breeding at nurseries.

Apple growers

They make every effort to grow a high-quality Pink Lady® apple with respect for the people, the land and for time.

Authorized distributors

Authorized distributors

Through associated packing houses, they supervise the packing and shipping of Pink Lady® apples to your favorite store.

Each player is fully involved in the governance of Pink Lady® Europe.

Every year at the General Assembly, they elect a Board of Directors which then chooses its Chairman. They specify the strategy and quality policy for the apple.

Thus, every profession involved contributes its own added value and field experience to the pool of skills. Simply taking part in the association’s decision-making and strategy development encourages overall participation.