An apple as pretty as it is delicious, for young connoisseurs!

PinKids®, the Pink Lady® apple for kids

The exhilarating apple with the heart-shaped sticker is now available 
for children, under the name PinKids®.

This small-size fruit, perfect for even the tiniest hands, has all the 
taste of its big sister, Pink Lady®: a characteristic colour, crunchy texture, exquisite finesse, ideal 
balance between sweetness and tartness with aromas of strawberries, vanilla, 
litchi and roses.

Kan du hitta alla paren?

Träna ditt minne med PinKids®. Kom ihåg var djuren gömmer sig och samla par för att vinna!

Du får se alla kort i 5 sekunder. Starta nedräkningen när du är redo!

Bara 10 fel


Du hittade alla par innan tiden gick ut


Åh nej!

Du gjorde för många fel.. Testa igen, det går säkert bättre nästa gång!


Bli medlem av Pink My Life-gemenskapen. Lev ditt liv fullt ut och samla belöningar.


PinKids® packed with unique nutritional benefits

At snack time or any time of the day, the PinKids® apple is an ideal way to help ensure that children have a healthy diet.

Low-calorie, it contains carbohydrates that are absorbed by the body slowly and creates a genuine sensation of fullness over a long period. This means that it’s a great way to limit overindulging on sugary snacks.

Very well adapted to the energy needs of children, it puts diverse vitamins and minerals back into their bodies.

Containing 85% water, it rehydrates and helps eliminate toxins after activities.

And it’s in vitamin C that the PinKids® apple is richest: in the external part of the pulp and even more so in the skin, since the skin has 4 to 5 times more of this energizing vitamin than in the rest of the fruit. This means that it’s best to bite into the apple without peeling it, simply rinsing it first in water, to make sure it’s clean.

It also has a high concentration of fibre, which is good for digestion. Pectin, an active fibre, helps regulate intestinal transit and the quality of the bacterial flora, and improves the digestive function.

The same fine quality as Pink Lady®

The PinKids® apple gets the same great treatment during production, and it’s subject to the same tough selection standards as Pink Lady®.

The precise and measurable quality criteria concern the intensity of the 
colour, impeccable presentation, sugar content and firmness, all with
 the utmost respect for the environment.